High Purity Barium Fluoride CAS 7787-32-8

High Purity Barium Fluoride CAS 7787-32-8
Product Details

Chemical compound of barium and fluorine and is a salt. It is a solid which can be a transparent crystal. It occurs in nature as the mineral frankdicksonite.

-Material in optical components such as lenses
-It is used in windows for infrared spectroscopy, in particular in the field of fuel oil analysis.
-Common, very fast (one of the fastest) scintillators for the detection of X-rays, gamma rays or other high energy particles
-Barium fluoride is used as a preopacifying agent and in enamel and glazing frits production
- It is also used in metallurgy, as a molten bath for refining aluminium.
-In the production of welding agents (an additive to some fluxes, a component of coatings for welding rods and in welding powders

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