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Optical Glass The Role Of Extreme Classification

Glass, in life we can be seen everywhere, has been completely popular in life, from the glasses, windows, doors, various places can see its shadow. But the optical glass we are relatively unfamiliar, in fact, in life, optical glass has been widely used, but we do not have a clear understanding of it. Today we want to introduce the main body is the optical glass, so that in the future life, we will be able to distinguish and understand the optical glass, of course, can also help us to buy optical glass products.

How does the definition of optical glass define?

In physics, the role of optical glass is the easiest to understand, the optical glass can be reflected by the nature of the refraction, and ultimately change the direction of light propagation, has a strong change in the role of ultraviolet light, infrared light glass. The role of optical glass is mainly to change the light, it is precisely because of this role, like scientific instruments, prisms, mirrors are using such optical glass, so the optical glass has become the most important optical components of the instrument. It can be seen in the field of optical research, optical glass plays an important role.

The classification of optical glass should be clear

The first category: colorless optical glass. This type of glass is usually used as a telescope, the use of the microscope, which is characterized by high permeability is better, and easy to absorb the characteristics of coloring, but also our longest exposure to the optical glass.

The second category: anti-blessing according to optical glass. We can easily understand the strong radiation resistance of the glass, to prevent X, Y radiation radiation, in the medical field and the field of nuclear industry frequently used, are common industrial optical glass.

The third category: colored optical glass. This type of peeling is called filter glass because it filters well ultraviolet, infrared and visible light and can only be used as a filter due to specific optical characteristics.

The fourth category: optical quartz glass. Speaking of quartz optical glass, we are most familiar with the LCD screen, CD-ROM, etc., are taken from this raw material, because its main component is silica, with a strong high temperature, high mechanical strength, good chemical properties And other features; also used for other optical requirements for special product manufacturing.

Development of optical glass

From the perspective of professional technology, the next few years or even longer time, the optical glass will be widely used, so the future is a bright future. The direction of development is also based on the classification of optical glass and its characteristics: high-refractive glass; special dispersion of glass; infrared, ultraviolet glass; the most important thing is that you can replace the chemical substances of radioactive glass; Stabilize the chemical properties of glass.

Although we always feel very far for the optical glass, but the future development of optical glass, but must be closely related to our lives.