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Optical Glass Spectral Characteristics

  Optical glass spectral characteristics

  According to the spectral characteristics of colored optical glass, can be divided into three categories

  1, cut-off glass:

  Their spectral characteristic indices are expressed by the boundary allowable deviation, the transmittance Tλo of the specified wavelength, and the slope slope K, etc., through the boundary wavelength λtj.

  2, select the absorption of glass:

  The glass passes through (or absorbs) the light in a certain (or several) wavelength range, and its spectral characteristic is expressed as a transmittance and a permissible transmittance deviation at a specified glass thickness at a specified wavelength.

  3, neutral glass:

  Glass in the visible light in the wavelength of light without selective absorption, the spectral characteristics of the index is the average transmission ratio Tp, the average transmittance allowable deviation range △ Tp. The maximum allowable deviation value Qz.