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Nuclear Reactor Are Devices That Produce Controllable Nuclear Fission And Release Huge Nuclear Power

  Nuclear Reactor are devices that produce controllable nuclear fission and release huge nuclear power, the "boilers" of nuclear power plants. In nuclear power plants, the heat generated by Nuclear Reactor is converted into electricity by heat exchange, driving turbines and generator motions.

  Nuclear Reactor can be classified into various types according to different neutron energy, different fuel, moderator and coolant. The fuel cycle can be divided into the uranium-plutonium cycle and the thorium-uranium cycle. Different neutron energies in the uranium-plutonium cycle can be divided into thermal neutron reactors and fast neutron reactors. Thermal neutron reactors can be divided into water cooled reactor and gas cooled reactor according to the different heat (cooling) agents. Water-cooled reactors are divided into light and heavy moderator by different types. Light water reactor According to fluid state is different, and can be divided into pwr and boiling heap. Fast reactors use uranium-235 or plutonium-239 for fuel, generally by liquid sodium as coolant, without moderator.

  Now the more mainstream reactor technology is the hot neutron Light water reactor, light-water to do moderator and coolant, which are divided into pwr and boiling heap. China's pressurized water reactor technology line, as the name suggests, pressurized water reactor core pressure vessel high-pressure up to 150 atmospheres above, to ensure that the working water temperature reached 350 Shan.