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How Does The Optical Glass Cleaner Use?

  How does the optical glass cleaner use?

  Optical glass cleaning agent is a variety of organic compounds with a special process configuration from the advanced cleaning agent, suitable for all types of water-based cleaning production line. Is a kind of excellent optical and all kinds of glass material dedicated water-based cleaning agent.

  Optical glass cleaning agent features:

  1, optical glass cleaning agent is alkaline aqueous glass cleaning agent.

  2, optical glass cleaning agent non-toxic, no taste, good stability, easy to break down. Strong detergency, no residue.

  3, can be recycled for domestic and foreign water-based cleaning equipment to match.

  4, optical glass cleaning agent for all types of optical glass, ITO glass material, does not corrode the glass surface.

  Optical glass cleaning agent Applicable objects:

  1, for a variety of television, monitors, monitors and other CRT, LCD glass cleaning.

  2, suitable for optical lens and contact lens cleaning.

  3, suitable for cameras, digital camera lens and other optical lens cleaning.

  Optical glass cleaning agent technical indicators:

  1, Appearance: colorless transparent liquid;

  2, PH value: <14;

  3, the relative density: 1.13.

  Use of optical glass cleaning agent:

  1, according to the degree of cleaning the object, the stock solution diluted to 10-20 times the solution used.

  2, can be used at room temperature, with ultrasonic or spray, scrub.

  3, if necessary, may be appropriate to extend the cleaning time, improve the use of concentration.