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Calcium Silicate Safety And Insulation Materials

Calcium silicate, also known as microporous calcium silicate, activated calcium silicate, is calcium oxide and silica at high temperature calcination melting compounds, mainly used for building materials, insulation materials, refractories, paint the physical pigment And carrier, also used as a filter aid, alien algae mud, candy polish, glue mother sugar powder, rice coating agent, suspending agent, analytical reagents and so on.

main feature 

1. High strength: in the bulk density is similar, it is inorganic hard insulation material in the highest strength of the insulation material.

2. Heat resistance: in the use of temperature range is not deformed.

3 thermal insulation: thermal conductivity than other hard block insulation material low.

4. Asbestos-free products fire retardant.

5. Antimicrobial anti-mildew anti-corrosion to ensure a healthy environment.

The main purpose 

Uses: Suitable for steel, petrochemical, ceramics, glass, cement, external wall insulation and a variety of furnace insulation, and electricity, machinery, electronics, shipbuilding and other industries insulation.

Calcium silicate is a safe alternative to asbestos.

Calcium silicate is one of the most used materials in Europe. Europeans are more inclined to use calcium silicate as a cladding.

When the metal ore is smelted, the silica reacts with calcium carbonate to form the substance.


For the distribution of logistics needs, asbestos calcium silicate insulation board using carton packaging, insulation tube using plastic packaging.