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Calcium Silicate Is A Compound That Is Calcined And Fused By Calcium Oxide And Silica At High Temperatures

Calcium silicate, also known as microporous calcium silicate, active calcium silicate, is from calcium oxide and silica at high temperature calcined molten compound, mainly used as building materials, insulation materials, refractories, paint and the constitution of the pigment and carrier, but also as a filter aid, seaweed mud, sugar polishing agent, gum masterbatch powder, rice coating agent, suspending agent, Analytical reagents and so on.

Product Main Technical performance: Calcium Silicate board also known as silicon Calcium board, calcium Silicate board is based on high-quality fiber, mineral materials by advanced production technology molding, pressure, high-temperature high-pressure steaming and special technology to deal with a new type of sheet metal. Features: Lightweight construction, good fire and moisture resistance, pest control ant protection, dimensional stability and long service life. Uses: partitions, ceiling, furniture, cabinets, movable floors, office partitions, fire doors, duct protection. Standard specifications single-sided Sand grinding, other specifications can be customized according to customer requirements.

Main Features

1. High strength: When the density is similar, it is the highest strength insulation material in the inorganic hard insulating material.

2. Heat resistance: In the use of temperature range does not deform.

The coefficient of thermal conductivity is lower than that of other rigid block insulation materials.

4. Fire retardant for asbestos-free products.

5. Anti-corrosion and anti-corrosion anti-aging to ensure a healthy environment.

Main use

Use: Suitable for iron and steel, petrochemical, ceramics, glass, cement, external wall insulation and a variety of furnace insulation, and electric power, machinery, electronics, shipbuilding and other industries heat insulation.

Calcium silicate is a kind of safety insulating material used for asbestos replacement.

Calcium silicate is the most used fireproof material in Europe. Europeans are more likely to use calcium silicate to make cladding.

In the smelting of metal ores, silica reacts with calcium carbonate to produce the substance.