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Barium Fluoride Synthesis Method

  Barium fluoride synthesis method

  1. The barium carbonate and water into a pulp spin, add hydrofluoric acid to react, control the end of the reaction Ph value, and remain unchanged so far. The product is filtered, dried, crushed, that is barium fluoride products. The reaction equation is as follows:

  2. The excess of hydrofluoric acid into the platinum dish, a little bit of the amount of barium carbonate added, with the slow fire to no longer occur until the CO2. After repeated washing with decantation, the precipitate is filtered and evaporated to dryness. Add a small amount of HF to it until no more CO2 is released. And then evaporated to dry. To remove HF, the precipitate in the platinum dish in the inert gas heated to the melting, you can get pure barium fluoride.

  Can also be used with the preparation of calcium fluoride method: with barium carbonate and ammonium fluoride or ammonium fluoride heating and preparation.

  3. Barium carbonate dissolved in excess of hydrofluoric acid in the reaction, dehydration, drying, crushing, the finished product. The reaction is as follows.

  The main purpose of barium fluoride

  1. Preservatives. Metal heat treatment. ceramics. enamel. Manufacture glass. metallurgy. Instrument industry. 2. Manufacture of motor brush, optical glass, optical fiber, laser generator, flux, paint and enamel. Used as a wood preservative and insecticide. 3. For the manufacture of optical glass, glass optical fiber, laser generator, flux, paint. Used as a wood preservative and insecticide.