High Purity Phosphotungstic Acid CAS 1343-93-7

High Purity Phosphotungstic Acid CAS 1343-93-7
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It has the appearance of small, colorless-grayish or slightly yellow-green crystals, with melting point 89 ┬░C (24 H2O hydrate). It is odorless and soluble in water (200 g/100 ml). It is not especially toxic, but is a mild acidic irritant.
Phosphotungstic acid is used in histology as a component for staining of cell specimens, often together with haematoxylin as PTAH. It binds to fibrin, collagen, and fibres of connective tissues, and replaces the anions of dyes from these materials, selectively decoloring them.
Phosphotungstic acid is electron dense, opaque for electrons. It is a common negative stain for viruses, nerves, polysaccharides, and other biological tissue materials for imaging by a transmission electron microscope.
-With the other heteropolyacids phosphotungstic acid is a catalyst and its high acidity and thermal stability make it a catalyst of choice according to some researchers. It is in solution as a homogeneous catalyst, and as a heterogeneous catalyst "supported" on a substrate e.g. alumina, silica. 
-Phosphotungstic acid is used in histology for staining specimens, as a component of phosphotungstic acid haematoxylin, PTAH, and "trichrome" reagents, and as a negative stain for imaging by a transmission electron microscope.
-chromatography reagents and biochemical reagents:separation of drug identification,toxicology studies of chemical poisons,widely used as precipitating agent

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