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Company profile
Shanghai TaiYang Technology Co.,Ltd is a national leading enterprise specializing in manufacturing fine chemicals with production plants mainly located in Jiangsu province in China. The company predominantly produce high purity magnesium series chemicals,dihydrogen phosphate and metaphosphate products,fluoride compounds such as Since establishment of the company, Muhong has invested a lot of money in research and development of magnesium and phosphates.The company puts a great emphasis on manufacturing processes. Through constant internal and external auditing and stringent controls, we do not only work with standards but also aim to achieve the best quality.inorganic specialty chemicals.

Our Factory
Factories are located in Jiangyan city, Jiangsu province, which was formerly a state -owned enterprise Jinxi Ya established in 1984.The company has begun close cooperation in 2013 with Institute of Process Engineering of Chinese Academy of Sciences.Our factories have research and development facilities to test and continuously improve all aspects of production, including the quality of the products and services.

Our Product
The company predominantly produce high purity magnesium series chemicals,dihydrogen phosphate and metaphosphate products,fluoride compounds such as inorganic specialty chemicals.
Our products include:
1.Beryllium fluoride
2.Lithium fluoride
3.Lithium orthosilicate
4.Lithium silicate
5.Magnesium oxide
6.Beryllium oxide
7.Potassium fluoride
8.Sodium fluoride
9.Sodium dihydrogen phosphate
10.Aluminium dihydrogen phosphate
11.Potassium phosphate monobasic
12.Lithium phosphate monobasic
13.Barium dihydrogen phosphate
14.Ammonium dihydrogen phosphate
15.Calcium phosphate monobasic
16.Magnesium dihydrogen phosphate
17.Aluminum metaphosphate
18.Barium metaphosphate
19.Calcium metaphosphate
20.Magnesium metaphosphate
21.Lithium metaphosphate
22.Potassium metaphosphate
23.Sodium metaphosphate
24.Yttrium metaphosphate
25.Lanthanum metaphosphate
26.Magnesium fluoride
27.Calcium fluoride
28.Barium fluoride
29.Strontium fluoride
30.Aluminum fluoride
31.Sodium fluoride
32.Yttrium fluoride
33.Calcium carbonate
34.Barium carbonate
35.Strontium carbonate
36.Calcium silicate
37.Magnesium silicate
38.Boron oxide
39.Potassium metaborate
40.Magnesium carbonate
41.Magnesium hydroxide
42.Magnesium sulfate heptahydrate
43.Magnesium sulfate anhydrous
44.Magnesium dichloride anhydrous
45.Magnesium chloride anhydrous
46.Magnesium acetate tetrahydrate
47.Magnesium bromide hexahydrate
48.Phosphotungstic acid

Product Application
Our products are mainly used in the following areas:
-Phosphate glass
-Optical glass
-Molten salt reactors
-Aerospace materials
-Food additives
-Manufacturing of KDP,KTP crystals
-Lithium batteries
-Analytical reagents

Our Certificate
Company has obtained ISO 14001:2004 certification which assures the high quality of our products which are manufactured according to environmental and safety standards.

Production Market
We have customers from both domestic market and oversea market.3 of our sales managers can speak fluent English for good communication. Our main sales market:
Asia, Western Europe, USA
Our strength

The strengths of company's technology is ion exchange extraction,synthesis and separation technology of fluoride,halide,bromide,and hydrogenated products.The company's innovative technology includes: ion exchange high vacuum technology, distillation technology, catalyst technology, recycling technology and dual use of energy saving products, including high-tech research level compared with the same industry and similar products.Our product purity can reach 99.9 -99.99%.We are able to customize different specifications of products and meet customers requirements in terms of purity, impurity content, strength, crystal form, solubility and technical aspects.